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A number of health professionals are worried that we have a mental health time bomb ticking quietly away on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic, ready to explode at any time.

How has the coronavirus affected people psychologically and what is the impact of COVID-19 on a person’s mental health? According to an article by the “Psychiatric Times”, we are facing a second wave of the coronavirus in the form of a psychological crisis — Psychiatric Times — COVID-20: A Psychological Crisis.

It has become apparent that many people have suffered physically and emotionally during the pandemic lockdown. Medical practitioners are seeing a rise in people presenting with a variety of mental health problems including depression, anxiety, stress, fear and grief. The coronavirus has certainly taken its toll on our physical and mental health.

All Resources produces resource packs and training materials to help people deal with a wide range of mental health conditions.

Digital Mental Health Resources

[Resource Pack thumbnail] Suicide is Never the Answer
Suicide is Never the Answer
(resource pack)

Understand the reasons behind suicidal feelings and recognise the warning signs of a potential suicide to help prevent this tragedy.

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[Resource Pack thumbnail] Teenage Depression — A Way Out
Teenage Depression — A Way Out
(resource pack)

Tackles the issue of depression including causes and signs that parents and teachers can look out for.

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Digital COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources

[Resource Pack thumbnail] After COVID-19 — Returning to Education after the Coronavirus
After COVID-19 — Returning to Education after the Coronavirus
(resource pack)

This COVID-19 resource pack employs the topic of coronavirus in various study modules. The virus is used as a springboard to introduce each theme and young people are encouraged to recognise how COVID-19 can be examined through a number of unrelated subjects.

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COVID-20 Topics

The COVID-20 topics we produce resources for include:

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