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To help organisations prioritise the skills they need to remain competitive, All Resources provides a bespoke service. A bespoke training programme is one where the materials are tailor-made for the organisation. There are a number of benefits of tailor-made training including cost effectiveness and the fact that the bespoke programme is uniquely relevant to an organisation.

Custom School Programmes

All Resources offers a bespoke service for schools where the resources are individually designed to match the teaching syllabus. The course length, content and emphasis are aligned with the school’s requirements to obtain maximum benefit. The programme can also be tailored by mixing and matching elements from our current resource packs to meet the school’s specific needs.

Custom Business Programmes

We also provide a bespoke service for businesses and workplaces. We first identify the training needs of the organisation to establish the learning objectives. This helps us ascertain what participants will be able to do at the end of the training. We can then draft an outline for the customised training which results in a training programme tailored to the relevant criteria.

Community Programmes

As part of our ongoing commitment to the issues affecting young people, we are currently developing a series of community programmes which examine current social issues and prompt improved social and community involvement. We aim to provide community projects which are easily accessible and affordable to local communities, particularly in areas of disadvantage.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about our custom training programmes.