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Stress in Young People

We all experience certain amounts of stress each day and most people can cope with manageable levels. However, prolonged stress can lead to health problems such as headaches, stomach problems, insomnia, chest pains or high blood pressure. The issue becomes more serious when people start to use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs to try to deal with their stress.

All Resources has produced a number of publications which deal with the effects of stress. These resources provide hints and tips on how to recognise and tackle stress in our daily lives.

Downloadable Stress Resources for Schools

Stress Lesson Plans

[Lesson Plan thumbnail] Exam Stress

Exam Stress

This lesson plan provides information and advice on dealing with exam stress.

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Stress Resources for Teachers

Our stress teacher resources are beneficial because:

  • Relevant topics to save time
  • Affordable and downloadable
  • Provide guidance and education on various stress topics
  • Informative as well as educational

Stress Resources for Students

Teaching students about stress can be a difficult task. Our aim is to produce resources that:

  • Deal with the issues tactfully
  • Respect the confidentiality of young people experiencing stress

Stress Resources for Parents

Valuable for parents that:

  • Home school their children
  • Want to enhance the education of their children
  • Have children that are home tutored