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All Resources produces educational materials, training services and programmes for schools and businesses worldwide. Our aim is to work with schools and organisations to deliver a positive and productive atmosphere where people can develop new skills and abilities which enhance their overall performance. We are committed to making a difference in the way we do business and our entire ethos revolves around creating a better learning environment.

School Resources

There is mounting evidence to show that low self-esteem is directly related to early school leaving, truancy and low academic achievement. Self-esteem is therefore central to a young person’s academic and emotional development.

We produce many resource packs and lesson plans that enable people to develop self-awareness, confidence, self-esteem and work together as a team. Our school resources are particularly effective at nurturing skills and attributes which enable young people to cope with the challenges they are faced with daily. The packs and workshops cover various areas such as bullying, self-esteem, depression, staff issues and business requirements including:

  • exercises
  • activities
  • discussions
  • role plays
  • group work
  • brainstorming
  • quizzes

Business Resources

Whether you are an HR professional looking for new training ideas, or a manager looking to develop your team, All Resources provides a valuable selection of training materials and resources designed to meet the needs of any business.

Workplaces have a key role in promoting health and wellbeing among staff. If a workforce is positive and healthy it is more likely to be productive and competitive and the business will thrive.

All Resources provides a number of programmes for businesses including bullying in the workplace, assertiveness, customer service skills, depression in the workplace, management training, telephone techniques and stress in the workplace. We can deliver the workshops to your staff or we can provide ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions which provide managers with the necessary skills to deliver the training themselves. Our business training materials include:

  • articles
  • workbooks
  • worksheets & handouts
  • exercises & activities
  • assessment tools
  • role play
  • group sessions

All training is delivered to the highest standards by experienced trainers who know how to develop key skills which play a vital role in building respect, collaboration and efficiency. Our workplace training places a strong emphasis on problem solving, skill building, and decision making. The aim of each programme is to help individuals improve their performance and effectively manage their work environment.


Our workshops help to get the best out of the resources and training materials. Trainers need to understand how to contribute to the training and development of others. If a member of staff would like to deliver the workshop, we can provide a ‘Train the Trainer’ session in the form of a training programme at a time to suit you.

Custom Programmes

All Resources recognises that the individual needs of different schools and organisations are different. We therefore offer a bespoke service where the resource packs and workshops are individually designed to meet the needs of your organisation. The course length, content and emphasis will be specifically designed to fit your requirements so that you and your organisation get the maximum benefit. We also offer ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions to ensure you are familiar with the material if you wish to deliver your own workshops.


Our ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions give trainers the basic skills and knowledge needed to deliver our workshops effectively. They act as a foundation, enabling trainers to develop the specialist skills of identifying training needs, training design, training delivery and training evaluation.

Initially, we will contact the person who requested the training to discuss their requirements. We will then produce a bespoke training programme which specifically tackles their expectations and needs. Here is how our training service works:

  • First we will identify the training needs of your school or organisation. What particular issue would you like to focus on?
  • We will then produce a number of learning objectives to establish what your students will be able to do at the end of the training.
  • We will draw up an evaluation sheet to be used at the end of the training. This will be used to produce an outline for the training.
  • We will discuss the various ice breakers, exercises, activities, discussions, role plays, group work etc that will be used throughout the programme.
  • All Resources will then produce a bespoke training programme based on the criteria as outlined above.
  • Finally, we will deliver the programme, answer any queries and iron out any potential problems before the material is signed off for use by your school.

Community Programmes

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide a holistic approach to the issues affecting young people, we develop community programmes which tackle local, national and global issues and lead to improved social and community involvement. We aim to provide community projects which are easily available, accessible and affordable to local communities, particularly in areas of disadvantage.

The purpose of our community programmes is to link projects and people at ground level, whilst at the same time providing support, resources, training and above all an opportunity for people to meet and share ideas.

Teachers are in a unique position — you are entrusted with the future of our young people. You can make a difference and enable our young people to make informed decisions, and All Resources programmes will benefit your organisation by helping young people grow emotionally as well as academically.

How All Resources Supports Teachers

There are more demands on teachers in the 21st century than at any other time. All Resources realises how crucial it is for teachers to have a place where they can share ideas, tips, resources and advice. As well as providing up-to-date information on current legislation and best practice, we produce a wide range of resource packs for students covering bullying, self-esteem, depression, substance abuse, relationships, job hunting, finances, career decisions and study skills. As part of our commitment towards promoting autonomy and respect, we also provide resources covering teaching skills, bullying in the workplace, worklife balance and workplace stress.

How All Resources Supports Parents

All resources realises how stressful it can be to raise children and young people in today’s society. There are so many issues to deal with, from alcohol and drug abuse through to bullying, relationships and depression. We have therefore drawn together a host of tips and advice to help parents cope with the stresses and strains of family life.

Many parents have little or no understanding of legislation affecting them and their families, from parental leave and flexible working through to school bullying and the National Curriculum. We believe it is important for parents to have a clear understanding of what to expect from their employers and their children’s schools, which is why All Resources provides the tools to enable parents to take control of their lives.

How All Resources Supports Young People

Young people often feel under pressure from their family, school or friends. This pressure is centred on school exams, bullying, starting work or college, alcohol and drugs, making and keeping friends, and relationships to name a few. As part of our commitment to young people, All Resources has produced a range of resources to help young people develop coping strategies as well as self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem. Our resources cover many issues such as bullying, self-esteem, depression, substance abuse, relationships, job hunting and study skills. Our aim is to nurture skills and attributes which enable young people to cope with the issues and challenges they are faced with daily.

How All Resources Supports Businesses

All Resources understands the issues that many businesses face in the 21st century. These include sourcing funding, employing staff, and learning and development. We are currently in the process of producing a number of business guides which will provide advice on HR regs, training, and people management. We will also cover serious issues such as workplace bullying, managing employee depression and dealing with stress at work.