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Suicide Prevention Resources

Many people have either contemplated suicide or know of someone who has experienced suicidal ideation. Sadly suicide is on the increase, including teenage suicide, and worldwide about one million people take their own life each year.

More young people are experiencing depression and anxiety than ever before, and much of this is linked to the pressure they are under from school, or from trying to find a job, or even the pressure to be ‘present’ 24/7 on social media. They are growing up in a far different world compared to previous generations, and this brings added pressure. Young people are not always equipped to deal with the pressures of modern life, and in extreme cases suicide seems the only way out.

All Resources has produced a number of PSHE resources and our resource pack, ‘Suicide is Never the Answer’, provides valuable material for World Suicide Prevention Day. This pack gives advice on recognising suicidal feelings and explains how to respond to suicidal behaviour. It can be used during WSPD to introduce the subject of suicide to young people in an honest and considerate way.

Downloadable Suicide Resources for Schools

[Resource Pack thumbnail] Suicide is Never the Answer

Suicide is Never the Answer

Understand the reasons behind suicidal feelings and recognise the warning signs of a potential suicide to help prevent this tragedy.

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Suicide Lesson Plans

[Lesson Plan thumbnail] Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

A lesson plan designed to promote suicide awareness and prevention.

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Suicide Resources for Teachers

Our suicide teacher resources are beneficial because:

  • Relevant topics to save time
  • Affordable and downloadable
  • Provide guidance and education on various suicide topics
  • Informative as well as educational

Suicide Resources for Students

Teaching students about suicide can be a difficult task. Our aim is to produce resources that:

  • Deal with the issues tactfully
  • Respect the confidentiality of young people experiencing suicide issues

Suicide Resources for Parents

Valuable for parents that:

  • Home school their children
  • Want to enhance the education of their children
  • Have children that are home tutored