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Remote Working

During the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, remote working became the norm. Many employees were required to work from home for their companies due to the restriction on travel and movement. Of course, advances in technology and internet connectivity has meant that many people had already become accustomed to telecommuting on occasion. However, this was a far cry from the requirement to work full time from home for months at a time. Add to this the fact that many people were also juggling home schooling whilst trying to earn a living which many found extremely challenging.

Many have found that teleworking suits them for lifestyle reasons or due to family commitments. Ditching the daily commute has meant that many are able to save time and money, and their stress levels are also down as a result!

There are various aspects of this virtual working that need to be considered such as:

Working remotely is not suitable for all, and many people will be glad to get back to their normal place of work as soon as possible. However, for many companies, remote working has always been part of their work culture and, in a post COVID-19 world, remote teams are here to stay.

Remote Working Resources for Businesses

We provide resources for businesses and home workers which support remote working. Our downloadable remote working resources deal with topics such as home office organisation and work-life balance.

Remote Working Resources for HR Departments

We publish remote working resources for HR departments with guidance that can be used in an HR setting. Our remote working resource packs provide information that enhances employee engagement and motivation.

Remote Working Resources for Staff Training

Our remote working resources for staff training and employee training exercises can form part of an educational programme. Our remote working resource packs cover workplace themes to support staff wellbeing.