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Mindfulness is a way of behaving and believing which encourages people to focus on the present moment. During mindfulness exercises you are required to make an effort to be conscious of your whole self at the present moment — where you are, how you feel, what you are doing, your surroundings, your feelings, your thoughts — all at this precise moment. You are encouraged to declutter your mind as you relax and let yourself sink into a peaceful state.

By practising mindfulness, you stop thinking about what happened previously or what might happen in the future — you practise mindful living and direct your attention to what is happening now. It encourages people to calm down, breathe deeply, and focus on the present moment. The result is a calm mind and body.

All resources provides resources which cover mindfulness and related topics such as positive thinking and self-belief.

Mindfulness Topics for Schools

  • Mindfulness Education
  • Mindfulness Skills
  • Developing Mindfulness

Blog Articles on Mindfulness

Mindfulness School Resources

We publish downloadable mindfulness ebooks to support schools by providing help, guidance and education on mindfulness topics. The mindfulness PDFs we produce give information in a way that informs as well as educates.

Mindfulness Support for Teachers

Our mindfulness resources for teachers include mindfulness resource packs that cover a variety of topics as well as our lesson plans on mindfulness.