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Social Issues

Humans beings are generally social creatures. Throughout the world they form societies and communities which rely on communication and cooperation to survive. However, whenever there are large groups of people congregating together in towns and cities, problems are bound to arise which affect individuals or the wider community.

What are Social Issues?

Social issues are problems that affect large numbers of people within society. A societal issue is any problem or behaviour that has negative consequences for society as a whole.

Types of Social Issues

Some of the most common types of social issues causing social disadvantage are:

While social issues are not the same as economic issues, some have a social and economic impact and the negative consequences can be extremely serious.

Solving Social Problems

Social problems are usually serious in nature prompting many people to find solutions to these society problems and tackle social issues wherever they arise. All types of social problems have a negative effect on the whole of society and, as such, are usually addressed as part of a community-wide social programme or may even require government intervention.

All Resources produces publications that examine social problems from a variety of perspectives. We strive to provide tools and resources that help people tackle personal and social issues with skill and confidence.