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Self-esteem is all about how we feel about ourselves. It is a person’s sense of value — how they regard their own self-worth. Self-esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves which can be positive or negative.

There are a number of factors that can affect our self-esteem including:

Our self-esteem is not static — it can change according to our life experiences, changes in our health as we get older, and other changes in our personal life. We can also take steps to improve our self-esteem as follows:

Digital Self-Esteem Resources

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Over to You
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Self-Esteem Topics

The self-esteem topics we produce resources for include:

Self-Esteem Support for Schools

We publish digital self-esteem resources to support schools by providing help and guidance in an educational format. Our resource packs give the information in a way that informs as well as educates.

Self-Esteem Support for Teachers

Our self-esteem resources for teachers include self-esteem resource packs that cover a variety of issues as well as our lesson plans on self-esteem.

Self-Esteem Support for Students

Teaching students about self-esteem is important. Our aim is to produce resource packs that provide information and development of self-esteem.

Self-Esteem Blog Articles