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Home Working Motivation

Working from home sounds attractive and many people are happy that the coronavirus lockdowns have enabled them to telecommute long-term. However, there are downsides to home working and many people have complained of loss of productivity due to lack of motivation. It is not always easy to stay motivated when working from home, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy working environment. So what can you do to motivate yourself?

First, organise your home environment and make sure you have a neat and tidy workspace. It is easier to keep motivated if you are organised and free from clutter. Next, it is important to devise a schedule. If you have a good working routine, with various tasks outlined throughout the day alongside regular breaks, it is easier to stay productive.

Another area that often gets overlooked is a healthy diet and physical activity. If you eat healthily, take regular exercise and get a good night’s sleep, it will benefit you immensely. Not only will you feel good, you will also have more energy and will find it easier to maintain productivity throughout the day. A healthy body and mind can positively enhance motivation and keep you focused on the job at hand. You can also try a few mindfulness techniques if you need a boost.

Thankfully, with today’s information technology and the internet, it easy to stay socially connected with work colleagues, family and friends. If you feel yourself flagging or are struggling with a particular work task, stop for five minutes and telephone a colleague to discuss your problem. Even if they are unable to help you with your work issue, just talking it through will help you enormously.