Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a distressing condition that affects one in four people. Generalised Anxiety Disorder is the most common form of anxiety and can be brought on by any number of situations or circumstances.

The symptoms of GAD include restlessness, trembling, dizziness, chest pains, difficulty sleeping, palpitations, lack of concentration and a dry mouth. People suffering from GAD may also suffer with upset stomachs and difficulty breathing.

The good news is that GAD is treatable and All Resources has produced a number of resources to help you recognise and tackle anxiety.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder Topics for Schools

  • Learning About Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • How Generalised Anxiety Disorder Can Affect Young People
  • Different Types of Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Generalised Anxiety Disorder Support for Schools

We publish digital generalised anxiety disorder resources that support schools by providing help and information in an educational format. Our resource packs cover the details in a delicate way that informs as well as educates.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder Support for Teachers

For general anxiety disorder resources for teachers, please view our generalised anxiety disorder resource packs that cover a variety of issues as well as our lesson plans on generalised anxiety disorder.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder Support for Students

Teaching students about generalised anxiety disorder can be a difficult task. Our aim is to produce resource packs that deal with the issues in a way that respects the privacy of anyone going through these issues.

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