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Moral Dilemmas

We all have to make difficult decisions at various points in our lives and the direction a certain situation takes depends on the choices we make. It isn’t easy to make tough decisions and we are frequently torn between what we feel we should do and what we want to do, and often this is based on moral reasons.

What Are Moral Dilemmas?

A moral dilemma is the need to make decisions based on moral reasons. There are usually two or more options available and the best possible choice must be made bearing in mind it may have long-lasting impacts.

There are occasions when a moral dilemma puts a great strain on our emotions because it tests our sense of fairness, our level of judgement and our mental capabilities.

Moral Reasoning

All important moral considerations include a number of factors:

  • What exactly is the issue? Can you describe it as succinctly as possible?
  • Who is involved in the dilemma and how/why are they involved?
  • Have you considered the various implications of selecting each of the available options? Have you weighed the pros and cons of each?
  • Is it absolutely necessary to take action regarding this matter? What would happen if you did nothing?
  • Is there anybody you can call on for advice?

When you have taken the time to examine the dilemma from every angle you will be in a better position to make a decision.

It is important to remember that none of us are perfect and sometimes we make decisions that have serious consequences. However, we can only do the best we can with whatever information and resources we have available. Sometimes decisions turn out well and sometimes they don’t. We should not expect perfection from ourselves or anyone we know or allow feelings of anxiety to overtake us. As long as we do our best and work through the steps outlined above, we will have a better chance of making the best possible decision at that particular time.

Downloadable Moral Dilemmas Resources

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