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IT and New Media

IT and new media is the field related to anything connected to computing technology. We live in a technology-driven world and our lives can be influenced by digital media — also known as new media. Behind this new media is a host of IT, or information technology, such as computers & computer networks, hardware and software, which stores and transmits the information. It includes the internet & web development, social networking sites, mobile telephony, video gaming, interactive digital media and a variety of technological devices.

Technology is a key part of modern society. We rely on IT in the workplace as well as personal computing in the home, when interacting with friends, managing financial transactions, and during our leisure time. There is no doubt that technology makes life easier, faster and more fun.

Types of New Media

New media is delivered digitally — via internet usage, search engines, apps & app stores, mobile phone, tablet or some other smart device. This includes:

  • Blogs
  • Vlogs and video streams
  • Podcasts
  • Streamed music
  • Computer games
  • Websites and online news sites
  • Virtual online worlds
  • Social networks

With normal, mainstream media such as TV, radio and newspapers, most of us know that the content and means of communicating is owned and controlled by large organisations such as Netflix, Disney, Fox News and the BBC. With new media, while some content is owned by the users, much of it is controlled by the owners of media platforms such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Digital literacy is a key element of today’s technological world. We need to engage with media content in order to analyse and evaluate what we see and hear. To do this we must develop analytical skills so that we can make use of the information we receive. As we analyse information we are better placed to spot media bias, stereotyping, unfair reporting, speculation and inappropriate material.

Downloadable IT and New Media Resources

[Resource Pack thumbnail] Personal Safety in Cyberspace

Personal Safety in Cyberspace

This pack looks at the dangers of chat rooms, malicious software, webcams, cyberbullying and online scams.

Ebook: £8.99 Download

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IT and New Media Lesson Plans

[Lesson Plan thumbnail] After COVID-19 — IT/Social Media

After COVID-19 — IT/Social Media

A lesson plan that looks at IT and social media and their uses during the coronavirus lockdown.

Ebook: £2.99 Download

Hard copy: £10.99 add to basket

[Lesson Plan thumbnail] Media Literacy —  Part 1

Media Literacy — Part 1

This lesson plan covers media literacy and the skills linked to media literacy. It contains media literacy definitions and handouts for the classroom.

Ebook: £2.99 Download

Hard copy: £10.99 add to basket

[Lesson Plan thumbnail] Safety in Cyberspace

Safety in Cyberspace

This lesson plan examines the dangers of the internet and how to stay safe on the web.

Ebook: £2.99 Download

Hard copy: £10.99 add to basket

[Lesson Plan thumbnail] Social Media — The Pros and Cons

Social Media — The Pros and Cons

A lesson plan on social media. It goes into the benefits of social media as well as social media safety.

Ebook: £2.99 Download

Hard copy: £10.99 add to basket

[Lesson Plan thumbnail] Phishing Scams

Phishing Scams

A lesson plan on phishing and the different types of phishing scams used online.

Ebook: £2.99 Download

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[Lesson Plan thumbnail] Netiquette


A lesson plan on netiquette and the different ways of behaving online.

Ebook: £2.99 Download

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