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Physical Health and Wellbeing

Health and fitness is an important aspect of all our lives and young people need to look after their physical health and wellbeing.

A healthy diet is vital and this includes plenty of fresh fruit and veg. School dinners are an important part of a student’s diet because young people need nutrition to help them grow and learn.

Physical activity is also important but this doesn’t mean that you have to join an expensive gym. There are many inexpensive ways to add exercise to your daily life:

  • walk or cycle to school
  • take part in PE lessons
  • join a school sports team
  • take up an extracurricular activity such as a sport or athletic pastime

Downloadable Physical Health and Wellbeing Resources for Schools

Physical Health and Wellbeing Lesson Plans

[Lesson Plan thumbnail] Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

This lesson plan covers healthy eating, different food types and how to develop a healthy diet.

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Physical Health and Wellbeing Topics for Schools

Physical Health and Wellbeing Support for Schools

We publish digital physical health and wellbeing resources to support schools by providing help and guidance in an educational format. Our resource packs give the information in a way that informs as well as educates.

Physical Health and Wellbeing Support for Teachers

Our physical health and wellbeing resources for teachers include physical health and wellbeing resource packs that cover a variety of issues as well as our lesson plans on physical health and wellbeing.

Physical Health and Wellbeing Support for Students

Teaching students about physical health and wellbeing is important. Our aim is to produce resource packs that provide information and knowledge of physical health and wellbeing.

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