Most parents wonder whether their child will escape bullying — either as a target or bully. Parents want to know how to recognise bullying and cyberbullying and what to do if their child is bullied.

  • What drives someone to bully?
  • Is there such a thing as a typical target of bullying?
  • How extensive is bullying in schools and how should bullies be dealt with?

All Resources is committed to eradicating bullying in our schools and workplaces. We provide a number of resource packs to tackle the issue by helping people develop confidence and self-esteem and by helping schools develop anti-bullying policies.

Young people today grow up with new technology and cyberbullying is now the bullying method of choice. The government has therefore introduced new guidelines to tackle cyberbullying.

New Guidance on Cyberbullying

In brief, all educational establishments are expected to develop a whole-school approach to cyberbullying which covers the following key elements:

  • The development of a shared, agreed definition of cyberbullying
  • The establishment of new policies and practices, ensuring that everyone is engaged in and aware of the school’s approach to cyberbullying
  • The provision of clear rules on the use of equipment, software and network access, Virtual Learning Environments, internet access, staff / pupil owned equipment, mobile phones, digital cameras, and laptops
  • Also the provision of a clear understanding of acceptable behaviour for learners and employees including behaviour outside of school

It is very important that schools have a robust anti-bullying policy in place, and all incidences of bullying and cyberbullying must be investigated. Schools must ensure that policies and practices involve not only teaching practitioners and students, but also parents and other members of the community who have an interest in the well being of students. A cross-curricular approach is also recommended whereby cyberbullying is linked with relevant subjects across the curriculum.

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