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6. What Did Your School/Teachers Do?


I’ve already mentioned what happened when my mother went to see the headmaster of my secondary school. Nothing really changed — in fact it actually made the bullying worse. I didn’t find the teachers approachable. I’m sure some of them must have known I was being bullied, but they didn’t do or say anything to me. They probably thought I should have stuck up for myself, but how could I when nearly the whole class was against me?

Once my mother had seen the headmaster, apart from asking me to name the bullies and caning a couple of them, he did very little to follow this up. The bullying continued and I continued to miss school. I was often absent for weeks at a time as I could not face school. I really enjoyed the lessons but couldn’t face the bullies.

I am angry that the school did nothing to tackle the bullying. I was made to feel as if I was to blame while the bullies got away with it.

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