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2. How Did You Feel at the Time?


The bullying I endured had a big effect on me physically and mentally. Apart from feeling physically sick most of the time, I also felt very depressed and suicidal. I used to find it hard to sleep at night with the thought of what the following day had in store for me. In the morning I would get headaches and stomach aches just thinking about school. I can understand why some people who are bullied commit suicide. It really does seem the only way to put an end to the bullying.

The cruelty, especially the mental cruelty of bullying, made me feel totally worthless. I started to believe all the horrible things that were said about me — that I was ugly, fat, stupid, etc. It sapped my confidence (and I had very little to start with) so that by the time I left school, my nerves were really bad and my confidence was literally zero. I felt as if I couldn’t accomplish anything and I had no self-esteem.

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