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7. How Does it Make You Feel when You Recall that Time?


I still have the odd nightmare about the bullying I experienced, even 42 years after leaving school. I still feel angry and resentful to a certain extent because I was denied a normal school life by bullies. It has taken me a long time to build up any kind of confidence. Although I’ll never be the most confident person in the world, I have started to feel better in recent years especially since I became a grandmother. However, the scars are still there, and I think they always will be as long as I live.

The bullies robbed me of an education. I missed so much school because of bullying and it was difficult to catch up. I could have completed my exams and perhaps had some sort of career. Instead, I left school as soon as I could and never reached my full potential. I think it is important that schools deal with bullying as soon as it is reported. No school should allow bullies to torment others and make their lives miserable. We need to stamp out bullying once and for all and make sure no other child goes through what I went through.

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