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A series of blog articles focusing on why young people join gangs, the effects of gang involvement and the risk factors including gun crime, knife crime, acid attacks, youth violence, delinquency and crime.

The articles examine the effects of gang membership and also the lesser known problem of female gang involvement. Are girls becoming more involved in gangs or is it still a male dominated issue?

As we consider the level of children involved in gangs we will look at the signs that indicate a young person is in a gang and the steps that can be taken to help a young person break free from a gang. We will also analyse the levels of gang membership and the current strategies to prevent gang involvement plus techniques parents and teachers can use to provide support for ex-gang members.

  1. Why Do People Join Gangs? (04/08/2018)
  2. How to Recognise if Your Child is in a Gang (12/08/2018)
  3. Positive Steps to Leaving a Gang (15/08/2018)

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