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How To Be Financially Secure Online


We live in a time where nearly everything can be purchased online. Personal banking, bill payments, holidays, food shopping — they can all be done online. There is no need to have access to cash when out shopping because contactless cards along with Apple Pay & Android Pay have become the norm. Such advances in technology are amazing and extremely convenient, but there is also a danger. Online fraud and theft is becoming all too common. Therefore, it is vital that we are aware of the pitfalls associated these types of transactions and diligent about protecting our online financial data.

Here are a few ways to keep your online information secure and safe:

  • Always make sure that your mobile phone is locked with a PIN or fingerprint recognition.
  • Do not store any financial or card information on a device or browser that is not your own. When asked if you wish to save information for future purchases, always decline if you are not using your own personal device.
  • Only use secure websites. When purchasing something online, check that the URL starts with ‘https’. If you see a lock or certificate icon in the URL bar, this signifies a greater level of security which means that your financial details are protected.
  • Refrain from emailing or text-messaging your bank account or card details. Emails can be hacked, therefore compromising your information.
  • Always be suspicious of something that could be a scam. If you are contacted by a company or individual requesting bank or email information, be alert. Scammers and hackers often fool people into parting with their information because they appear legitimate and genuine. Remember, your bank would never ask you to send sensitive information via email.
  • Always pick strong passwords, and do not write passwords or login details down anywhere.

If you are cautious about what you share online and are alert to scams, your financial information will remain safe and secure. If we follow these guidelines, there is no reason why we can’t all be safe online.