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The Long-Term Effects of Bullying


In conjunction with anti-bullying week (the theme for #ABW2020 is ‘United Against Bullying’) this blog will look at the long-term effects of bullying. Whether it is bullying in schools, bullying in the workplace or online bullying, the long-term effects can have a serious and lasting impact on the targeted individual.

The short-term effects of bullying are generally prevalent while the bullying is taking place. These can include:

While these symptoms are hard enough to deal with while dealing with the bullying, it is the worrying long-term effects that can really take their toll. The way to deal with any mental and physical long-term effects is to deal with the bullying, whatever its form, head on and while it is taking place.

However, many individuals who experience bullying have suffered long-term consequences from their ordeals. Their effects are more serious and can have a detrimental effect on an individual. The following are some of the long-term effects of bullying:

Studies have shown that targets of bullying who don’t receive some form of treatment, therapy or counselling will carry the effects with them throughout their adult lives. This spills over into their educational and career accomplishments and can even affect how they cope with money and deal with finances.

Anti-bullying week is doing a vital job of bringing awareness to the signs and symptoms of bullying. This means that hopefully more can be done to treat and eradicate the scourge of bullying in all its forms.