Bullying in the Workplace

Workplace bullying is a growing problem in companies worldwide. It is a harmful, destructive type of behaviour which affects the mental health of those at the receiving end. It is vital that businesses tackle workplace bullying as soon as possible.

Our ‘Bullying in the Workplace’ resource pack provides information and advice on identifying and dealing with workplace bullying in a workplace setting. It covers the signs of workplace bullying, types of workplace bullying and the effects of workplace bullying including the damage it does to individuals and companies.

Some of the most common types of bullying in the workplace include:

  • Spreading spiteful rumours specifically to damage someone’s reputation
  • Verbal abuse, mainly on the ground of race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, religion etc
  • Exclusion or victimisation — excluding someone from team events, meetings etc
  • Ridiculing or demeaning someone — setting someone up to fail
  • Micro-managing every part of a subordinates work
  • Threats or comments about job security without foundation
  • Blocking promotion or training opportunities
  • Making derogatory comments online

Organisations can use this resource pack to educate their workforce and provide on-going training for those in charge of tackling bullying. This will ensure that managers are aware of how to identify bullying so they are able to deal with any complaints in the most effective way.

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