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How to Deal with Bullying


Our final blog in conjunction with Anti-Bullying Week 2018 looks at how to deal with bullying.

The areas discussed are:

  • how to deal with bullies
  • ways to handle bullying
  • practical advice on how to treat a bully
  • how to cope with being bullied

How to Deal with Bullies

The reasons why an individual chooses to bully and victimise others vary. A bully may be or have been a victim of bullying in their own home or elsewhere. Their bullying behaviour may be a way of deflecting their own issues and a way of taking out their problems on others. The reasons for this behaviour, while sad and unfortunate, are not acceptable.

In the majority of cases a bully is someone who has no concern for the feelings of others. They may be on a ‘power trip’ and feel it is their right to treat others how they want. Bullies use intimidation and aggression and their targets are usually quieter, gentler or smaller. Whatever the circumstances, the best way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them. This may seem like a very difficult thing to do. However, standing up for yourself and showing a bully that you won’t be intimidated is often what makes it stop. Bullies are accustomed to pushing others around and getting their own way and are not used to people standing up to them. Not only does standing up for yourself in the presence of a bully show them that you do not accept their behaviour, it also sets an example for others who may be being bullied. It also boosts the target’s self-esteem and enhances their self-worth.

How to Handle Being Bullied

If parents teach their children self-respect and self-worth from a young age, they would have an advantage when they start school. Educating children and teenagers in school that bullying is never acceptable would instil in them principles they could take into adulthood and into the workplace. When acceptance and inclusiveness is practised in homes and schools it sends out a positive message. If parents, teachers and other adults in positions of care and authority are diligent in implementing anti-bullying policies and behaviours, it would implant in youngsters the mindset that bullying is wrong. If we work together we can stamp out bullying.