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No Smoking Day 2021


As today is No Smoking Day, it is a good idea to focus on why quitting smoking is beneficial. Not only are there health benefits, but also financial ones as the price of tobacco is so high. The health problems caused by smoking are well documented. The warnings on cigarette packets contain graphic images showing the effects of smoking. Smoking limits your life expectancy. Aside from the fact that smoking causes various types of cancer, heart and lung disease, it also makes you smell, causes yellowing of the teeth and fingers and makes you appear older by increasing wrinkles.

The World Health Organisation has reported that tobacco kills half of its users. Seven million people die per year from direct tobacco smoking. Add to that the 1.2 million people who die each year because of second-hand smoke exposure.

Unfortunately, although the dangers of smoking are well-publicised, it does not make it any less addictive. The No Smoking Day campaign is doing its part by encouraging people to quit. This day is a welcome push to help those struggling with nicotine addiction to quit smoking once and for all.

Some ideas that may help people stop smoking are:

  • Meditation or self-help books
  • Asking your GP for anti-smoking tablets and nicotine patches
  • Calling one of the no smoking helplines
  • Going cold turkey and just quitting!

HSE — Quit Smoking — 1800 201 203 (Ireland)

National Smoke Free Helpline — 0300 123 1044 (England)