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The Scourge of Racism


It would be nice to assume that, in our modern and enlightened world, racism is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, as recent events have shown hate crimes are on the rise and racism is alive and prevalent. Sadly a small minority can exhibit extremely racist behaviour which reflects badly on society as a whole. Racist cyberbullying is another major issue and this occurs when cowardly bullies hide behind their phones or keyboards to promote their bigoted and racist views. It was distressing to witness the recent racism in football and the videos of the defacing of a mural over a missed penalty in a football match!

One of the most worrying aspects of the latest wave of racism in sport is that the perpetrators are mainly adults, often holding down respectable jobs and with families and children. Such behaviour in adults is often imitated by children and society must therefore look at ways of stamping out racism once and for all.

It is sad to acknowledge that racism still exists. The anti-racism movement has achieved so much in recent years and modern youths are far more accepting and tolerant than older ones. On the whole, young people realise that racial discrimination is wrong in any form, whether that be online racism or racism in schools. Many sporting organisations have also done a great deal of positive work in recent years to help tackle racism and put an end to discrimination in any form. However, there will always exist the narrow-minded few who think that racist behaviour is justified.

Education is the key. It is vital that we teach young people that any form of racism is wrong and has consequences. This will hopefully mean that, in the future, people will not tolerate this type of negative behaviour. In addition, the positive and inclusive views of youngsters may have a beneficial effect on their peers and family members. Ultimately we are all responsible for sending out the message that racism is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.