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The Needle Spiking Scourge


The thought of having a drink spiked while out socially is horrendous. We have read of numerous cases where victims had their drinks spiked before being assaulted or raped. In most cases, the victim was unable to remember what happened. The vulnerability and helplessness that follows such attacks is indescribable.

Hypodermic Needle

In a depraved twist, the latest spiking scourge is that of using a needle or syringe to drug the unsuspecting victim. There are now growing concerns for women’s safety with rising reports on social media of women being spiked via some form of injection.

The government in the UK debated this latest craze in early November 2021 where it was stated that there have been 280 cases of needle spiking reported in the past two months. The government in Ireland also reacted to this worrying trend and plan to establish a campaign to raise awareness among students in the coming weeks.

Many teens and young women are fearful of going out and socialising, worried that they may become a victim of needle spiking in busy clubs, pubs and concerts, or might be spiked while queuing at venues.

It is vital to keep your wits about you when going out. It is also wise to go out in a group or with another person, and prepare a ‘leaving plan’ before you go out so you all get home safely. But what should you do if you think a friend has been spiked?

To deal with a suspected spiking, you should:

  • Stop them from consuming further alcohol
  • Alert staff at the venue
  • Call an ambulance if they need medical help
  • Do not let them go home alone. Stay with them until you know they are home safely.

Hopefully, now that cases are being reported in the news and across social media, people are more aware of the issue. Those in authority must take the necessary action so that the awful needle spiking trend can be stopped.