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Life in a Digitally Divided World — We Can Make a Difference


According to recent estimates, there are approx 1 million children, young people and families across the UK without adequate access to new technology or the internet at home. The BBC have recently been highlighting the issue in their “Make a Difference” campaign where they are encouraging people to donate devices to those who need them.

“Make a Difference” is a virtual notice board which encourages people to have an active and positive influence in their communities. During the coronavirus lockdown it has helped organisations and individuals share their details with those that needed support. The campaign makes use of bulletins, podcasts and local radio and people can upload audios, videos or images where they can share their stories of life during the pandemic.

The digital divide has become more evident during the pandemic. Whilst most young people are totally at ease with new technology and having lessons via PC, tablet or mobile phone, not every child has access to technology or the internet. There was always going to be a risk that some would fall behind their peers or drop out of school altogether.

The BBC’s “Make a Difference” campaign will go a long way towards closing the digital gap. We can all play our part in bridging the digital divide by donating any unwanted equipment to those that really need it.