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All Resources’ Work Ethics


As with many companies, All Resources strives to be ethical in all its actions. As a business we are passionate about our customers’ success and we keep this at the forefront in all our actions. We provide products and services that meet our customers’ needs and which are easy to understand and easy to use.

We believe in the continuous pursuit of excellence throughout our business and with this in mind it would be useful to briefly outline our own ethical code of conduct.

In establishing our ethical policy we have set clear guidelines to cover the following areas:

  1. We aim to treat our colleagues, clients, customers and suppliers fairly, compassionately and honestly. This involves being honest, accurate and clear in all our internal and external communications.
  2. Our business is built on trust and we are totally committed to making a difference in the way we operate our business. Trust is the foundation of business.
  3. We minimise waste and care for the environment. This includes key areas such as monitoring waste and energy usage as well as the use of teleconferencing and videoconferencing to cut down on business travel. We promote the recycling of paper, packaging and unused products and set targets to manage this waste.
  4. We support universal human rights, freedom of speech and equality in employment. We also promote social responsibility and firmly believe in the well being of all people.
  5. We maintain the confidentiality of customer information and comply with data protection requirements.
  6. We operate a fair, open and effective complaints procedure. In the event of a complaint, prompt and appropriate corrective action will be taken.

Our code of ethical conduct ensures we act responsibly and with integrity. In all of our actions we respect the laws, regulations, traditions and cultures of the countries within which we operate. Our goal is to continually communicate openly and honestly to promote accepted standards of responsible business conduct and to comply with all relevant regulatory requirements. All Resources believes that leading by example is a critical way to reinforce our company’s code of conduct. This way we can manage difficult ethical dilemmas effectively and, by extension, promote them to a wider audience.