Gang Culture School Resources

Gangs and gang violence are regularly in the news today. Whilst gangs are not always involved in crime, many do take part in criminal activity and their members may carry knives, guns or other weapons.

What are gangs and why do young people join gangs? Why do some gang members carry weapons, and why have there been so many gang-related deaths recently? All Resources publications seek to answer these questions by examining the positives and negatives of gang culture.

Gang Culture Topics for Schools

  • Gang Behaviour
  • Gang Warfare
  • Gang Involvment
  • Gang Violence

Gang Culture Support for Schools

We publish gang culture resources to support schools by providing help and guidance in an educational format. Our resource packs give the information in a way that informs as well as educates.

Gang Culture Support for Teachers

Our gang culture resources for teachers include gang culture resource packs that cover a variety of subjects as well as our lesson plans on gang culture.

Gang Culture Support for Students

Teaching students about gang culture is important. Our aim is to produce resource packs that provide information and knowledge of gang culture.

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