School Corporal Punishment

Posted on: 02 November, 2013 by


I am pro-corporal punishment in schools. I think discipline in schools has been going downhill for years and, in some schools, is practically nonexistent.

To my mind, it should never have been removed from schools at all. I can hear all the bleeding hearts out there saying: “How terrible, it’s barbaric”, etc. But it is not!

Children have been caned in schools for generations and most grew up to be well-balanced individuals. The fact they were caned didn’t make them go out and commit violence. Lots of children in former times were probably caned for very minor offences compared to what unruly and ill-mannered young people get away with now.

If a child is horrible and undisciplined because their parents cannot be bothered to discipline them or are too soft and let them get away with murder, why should well-behaved children who want to learn have to suffer? And why should hard pushed teachers have to deal with such insubordination? I feel sorry for teachers today. They should be able to do their job, which is to teach, without having to deal with uncontrollable and mindless ruffians.

The truth is many undisciplined children and bullies in schools today know they can get away with almost anything. Teachers have even been accused of assault for trying to separate children fighting. These youngsters are crafty and know all about their ‘human rights’. They know they can be as unpleasant and disruptive as they like and nobody can touch them. Their parents have a lot to answer for!

Bring back corporal punishment in schools, I say. It’s needed now more than ever!