PSHE Training Programmes

Our ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions provide the basic skills and knowledge needed to deliver our PSHE training programmes. They enable trainers to identify training needs, design training modules, deliver training and evaluate the training. We currently provide 5-hour ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions for the following as one-day workshops:

Bullying — A Complete ApproachMore information button
How to identify and tackle bullying.
Teenage Depression — A Way OutMore information button
Tackles the issue of depression including causes and typical signs.
Families & RelationshipsMore information button
Covers relationships, families & step-families, parent/child relationships, dating, marriage and single-parent families.
Dealing with AddictionMore information button
Provides the facts about drinking, smoking and drugs.
Personal Safety in CyberspaceMore information button
The dangers of chat rooms, phishing, webcams, cyberbullying and online scams.
Effective Job HuntingMore information button
Examines the job hunting process including career decisions, contacting agencies & job centres.

We also provide a bespoke service which includes tailor-made resource packs, workshops and training sessions.