PSHE Services

Alongside our resource packs we also provide a host of services for schools, youth organisations, teachers, parents, young people and community groups. It is only by working together that we will overcome some of the most serious issues that affect young people today — namely bullying, alcohol & drug abuse, smoking, teenage pregnancy, depression and suicide.

Our services include:


Our workshops provide tools that help tackle issues that impact on young people's academic and emotional development. They deal with issues such as bullying, substance abuse, early school leaving, truancy and low academic achievement. They help young people develop new skills and focus on positive qualities which help them understand themselves and those around them.

The workshops are delivered by experienced trainers who understand how to make an effective contribution to the training and development of others.

Training Programmes

To get the best out of our training materials, trainers need to understand how to contribute to the training and development of others. Our Train the Trainer sessions give trainers the skills and knowledge needed to deliver training programmes effectively. Participants learn to develop the specialist skills of identifying training needs, training design, training delivery and training evaluation.

Bespoke Courses

Our bespoke programmes are ideal if you require resource packs and workshops that are individually designed to meet the needs of your organisation. The course length, content and emphasis will be specifically designed to fit your requirements so that you get the maximum benefit.

Community Programmes

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide a holistic approach to the issues affecting young people, we are currently developing a series of community programmes which tackle local, national and global issues and lead to improved social and community involvement. We are currently developing our first community programme which will provide strategies to deal with the very sensitive and painful issue of suicide.