Alcohol Resources

A set of resources examining alcohol and alcohol dependency. Why do some people develop an addiction to alcohol and what turns a social drinker into an alcoholic?

Alcohol can have a serious effect on young people and it can lead to anti-social behaviour, rowdiness, fighting, stealing, shoplifting, vandalism and car theft.

Alcohol is the world’s second biggest ‘substance’ killer, second only to tobacco, but what is an alcoholic and how do we know how much alcohol is too much? What are the typical signs of problem drinking and what steps can be taken to overcome a drink addiction? How can family and friends help the problem drinker to tackle their dependency, and what help is available for alcoholics and their families?

Our resources look at alcohol use and alcoholism and the way it affects the mind and body. We also examine how the media views alcohol and the problems that alcohol abuse can cause within society.

Alcohol Resources for Schools

[Resource Pack thumbnail] Dealing with Addiction
Dealing with Addiction
(resource pack)

Provides the facts about drinking, smoking & drugs.

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Alcohol Topics for Schools

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • The Dangers of Alcohol
  • Knowledge of Alcoholism

Alcohol Support for Schools

We publish alcohol resources to support schools by providing help and guidance in an educational format. Our resource packs give the information in a way that informs as well as educates.

Alcohol Support for Teachers

Our alcohol resources for teachers include alcohol resource packs that cover a variety of subjects as well as our lesson plans on alcohol.

Alcohol Support for Students

Teaching students about alcohol is important. Our aim is to produce resource packs that provide information and knowledge of alcoholism.

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